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M Surendran 

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Unni's penchant and profound expertise in Media marketing (after working for

reputed media houses like Malayalam Manorama, Living Media India etc. in

Mumbai) and his passionate interest for a career related to advertising,

culminated in foundation of VIA MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS in 1997 - an

outfit specialising in freelance Media-marketing and related services.


Starting off on a modest scale, ViaMedia currently represents

in Karnataka, the business interests of quite a few leading

publications & TV channels from different parts of India


Apart from these flagship activities, Surendran Unni pursues his

other interests like short filmmaking, Voice overs, theatre and

Carnatic vocal music etc., as a pastime. He is also a guest/

adjunct faculty of advertising in a couple of universities in

Bangalore. VIA MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS now in its 21st

year, has an impressive portfolio to its credit consisting of

English and Vernacular print and audio-visual Media.


The company is now diversifying into digital/ online

media, under VIA MEDIA DIGITAL, as the new initiative.

ViaMedia Communications
Secretary-General, National Execute
Public Relations Council of India
Guest Faculty of
Jain Group (CMS)
Guest Faculty of
Dayanand Sagar University (CJMC)
Active Rotarian & RYLA Chairman
RI District 3191 in 2023-24, Bangalore
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